Stories by Eric Young

Autobytel to drive off with Autoweb

The consolidation of auto-buying sites continues, with announcing Wednesday that it would buy rival for US$15.6 million in stock.

Quokka cuts staff by almost 60 percent

After releasing disappointing earnings last week, digital sports entertainment firm Quokka Sports Inc. said Monday it would undergo a major restructuring, cutting its workforce by almost 60 percent and spinning off its technology division.

Olympic Cheaters - Cyberpolice to the Rescue

The Olympic flame had scarcely been lit last month when the cyberpolice of the Sydney Games leaped into action. Patrolling the Internet for unauthorized use of Olympic symbols like the interlocking rings, technicians at Copyright Control Services, an independent company hired by the International Olympic Committee, found a Web site that was illegally posting shots of the Opening Ceremonies. The offender was a site belonging to a TV station in Moscow.

Pandesic to Shut Down

Pandesic LLC, a joint venture between Intel Corp. (INTC) and German software firm SAP AG, which helps companies build and run e-commerce sites, said Friday that it will shut down because it doesn't expect to turn a profit.

ICG, IBM will launch patent site

Internet Capital Group (ICG) and IBM have announced they will create an electronic marketplace for the buying and selling of intellectual property.

DOJ Investigates Airlines' Planned Net Venture

Federal antitrust investigators are stepping up scrutiny of new online marketplaces that are all the rage among firms trying to cut costs or streamline their operations. The U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday that it is investigating whether a planned online service run by five major airlines would violate antitrust law.

CarOrder Lays Off 100 Employees laid off more than one third of its employees Thursday as part of the company's efforts to achieve profitability.