Stories by Rebecca Lynch

Internet Nonprofit: Politics as Usual

Company: FreedomChannel LOCATION: Washington, D.C. PRODUCT/SERVICE: gives politicians and special interest groups a forum to air their views without a media filter. LAUNCH: November 1999 Funding: Nonprofit; receives foundation support from the Carnegie Corp. of New York, the Century Foundation, the Markle Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trust, the Freedom Forum and the Robert W. Johnson Foundation Greatest Challenge: Getting buy-in from politicians JUDGE'S COMMENT: "Politics hits the Web with a vengeance at, where all you'd ever want to know about a candidate is in one place."

Business Strategies: Spin City

At a glance - Company: Black & Veatch Solutions Group (BVSG); Spin-off date: January 1999; Employees: More than 550; Revenues: $50 million; Industries served: Manufacturing, government, finance and insurance, health care, services and distribution.