Stories by Reena Jana

Recruiters to the Rescue

When Dick Mason, program manager at Unisys U.S. Federal Government Group, in Reston, Va., has a project to bid on, he begins the process by tapping in to an unusual source. He calls Natalie Schebella, his company's ace in-house technical recruiter.

Prevent Culture Clashes Amongst Diverse Workgroups

The chance of potential culture clashes in American IT workplaces might increase with the influx of highly skilled foreign workers, mainly in the technology field, entering the United States on H1-B work visas.

Doing a Double Take

When John Lema was assigned to lead a team of 20 developers in building an online grocery system in Hong Kong and Singapore last year, he figured his biggest obstacle would be tackling old IBM Corp. mainframes and legacy systems he hadn't encountered before. What Lema had not figured on was spending so much time and energy learning to understand these countries' cultures -- and learning to conduct business from a completely different view.