Stories by Jill Vitiello

In search of IT's dual degrees

What's better than an MBA? A so-called techno-MBA: an MBA with a concentration in information systems or e-commerce, or even dual degrees that yield two distinct diplomas an MBA and a master of science in IT upon graduation.

Two paths to an MBA

As IT departments partner more closely with the businesses they support, an increasing number of IT professionals say they see the advantage of earning an MBA degree. The formal training gives them a leg up in understanding the organization and using technology to make the company better. The degree can propel their careers to the top of IT - and beyond.

The Flavors of Exec Ed

What can talented information technology professionals do to improve their chances of making it into senior management?

Road Rage

When The Prudential Insurance Company of America authorized a pilot project to equip 500 agents with IBM Corp. ThinkPads and technical training, a sample group of agents within the pilot doubled its sales.