Stories by Elinor Mills Abreu

Suspect admits creating Melissa virus

The man arrested in connection with the Melissa virus has admitted to creating the virus, which proliferated quickly throughout computer systems in March and forced some companies to shut down their e-mail systems.

Ruling says trademark not famous enough for internet

A US federal appeals court has ruled that the Avery and Dennison trademarks of the office products company Avery Dennison Corp are not famous enough to prevent another company from registering them with the .net domain.

Cisco inches past expectations in Q4, fiscal 1999

Cisco Systems on Tuesday just beat Wall Street expectations in reporting per share net income of 21 US cents for the fourth quarter and 75 cents for the full fiscal year, attributing its success to strong sales of internet-related products.

Citrix to merge with ViewSoft

Citrix Systems, maker of thin client/server software, announced a merger agreement on Monday with ViewSoft, a specialist in software for multi-tier and Web-based application development.