Stories by Louis Chua

Nortel to roll out self-healing wireless networks

A self-healing and self-adaptive wireless network infrastructure -- the stuff of network administrators' dreams -- is expected to become a reality in June this year, following pilots of wireless meshed network technology conducted by Nortel Networks and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Windows Server 2003 faces compatibility crunch

Apple Computer did it with OS X. Then it was Intel with Itanium 2. Now it is Microsoft with Windows Server 2003. Maintaining backward compatibility, and with it the tons of legacy baggage, does not seem to be popular anymore.

P-to-P revisited as a business application

With the death of Napster, P-to-P technology seems to have dimmed as the protracted fight between Napster and the United States' federal government fades from the news headlines. The recent death of Gene Kan, a major P-to-P evangelist and an original designer of a P-to-P protocol called Gnutella, also dealt a blow to the P-to-P movement. However, development of P-to-P technology is still on going in the background.

SAML in battle over identity

After months of agonizing wait, the Liberty Alliance has finally revealed phase one of its technical specifications for its single sign-on (SSO) standard, called the Liberty Alliance V 1.0 specification. The standard is based on the Security Assertion Markup Language 1.0 (SAML), a new proposed standard for interoperability among Web services security products, which works with XML (extensible markup language) and SOAP (simple object access protocol).

Database code will not become open source

While Oracle Corp. is committed to the open source movement and its standards, database code will remain proprietary because there will be difficulties in providing services if customers make alterations to the source code.

Sun looks beyond Web services

Sun Microsystems is putting forward Jini and JXTA as possible solutions for anticipated bottlenecks in the delivery of Web services.