Stories by Nestor E. Arellano

Planting seeds of sustainability on Facebook

Two Canadian university students hope to plant the seeds of sustainability on Facebook with an application that monitors power consumption and uses peer pressure and the spirit of friendly competition inherent among many gardeners to foster energy conservation.

Canadian IT job site sacks Linux for .Net syste

When an upgrade of its open source-based Web site threatened to overwhelm its budget, a Canadian IT career organization decided to give Linux the pink slip, and recruit Microsoft instead.

How to install a usable CRM system

Many businesses fail to realize the full potential of their customer relationship management (CRM) software because of poor integration with existing applications and business processes.

Nortel promises to get 'back on track'

Top Nortel Networks executives admitted Thursday that past financial problems had slowed the company's growth, but said the new management team had a clear strategy to turn the telecommunication equipment maker's fortune around.

Microsoft-Novell deal could hurt open source

Canadian supporters of open source software believe the recently forged partnership between Microsoft and Novell will have negative repercussions for the free software community.

How to identify high-impact future technologies

"There is no reason a person would want a computer in his home," said Ken Olsen, co-founder and head of then leading U.S. computer company Digital Equipment (DEC) in 1977. A decade later Olsen again infamously quipped: "UNIX is snake oil."

Big Blue offers interoperable SOA products

An IBM customer says Big Blue's new line of service-oriented architecture (SOA) products announced Wednesday will help his company minimize interoperability challenges.

Hiring and firing with respect

"I get no respect." If that's how you feel your employees are treating you, it's possible they're just reflecting the attitude you're showing them, according to Ruth Hagg, author of a series of management books.