Stories by Ephraim Schwartz and Dan Briody

Putting a Price on IT Savvy

As e-commerce business models mature, online winners are creating additional revenue streams by reselling technology and intellectual property to other industries.

Electricity a Concern in Large Data Centers

As data centers begin to spring up around the country in anticipation of growth in outsourcing, the availability of electrical power to the new centers is raising some concern.

Wireless Application Protocol Draws Criticism

EVEN AS SUPPORT among vendors for the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) grows, so do claims that the wireless transmission technology is insufficient -- and many of those criticisms are coming from the WAP Forum's own membership ranks.

3Com's Palm tightens link to Web apps

3Com will announce this week at its developer's conference in Santa Clara, Calif., a new wireless version of the PalmPilot, codenamed Eleven, that will serve as the foundation for an initiative with Internet service providers.