Stories by Cat Beauchamp

Vendor bypasses channel

We have yet to confirm all the details of this item (which is why you are reading it in Tabloid and not on page 1), but yet another international vendor has sneakily manoeuvred behind its channel's back on a huge PC deal.

Hardly normal competitiveness

Gerry Harvey and the good people at Harvey Norman are up on the Net again, but despite lots of bells, whistles and flash[ing] technology, the bricks and mortar retail juggernaut still just doesn't seem to get the point about having a presence online.
Last week its prime feature on the Web site was a pointer to its current runout software sale happening - wait for it - at your nearest Harvey Norman store.

It's not a boy

Watching Linda Kennedy, IDG Communications' recently elevated vice president, enterprise division, impatiently pacing the decks of a Sydney harbour cruiser last week was something akin to observing an expectant father in the corridors of a maternity ward.
One of the biggest morphs ever undertaken by the division's flagship title Computerworld was signed and sealed at the time but was still awaiting delivery. As Kennedy put it: `It is a total redesign. New size, new paper stock and new look and feel. You won't recognise it.'
Kennedy's phone broke the peace regularly and each time it was greeted by a rushed effort to answer it and a heightened expectancy that it would be editor, Angela Prodromou, with tidings of the birth.