Stories by Tim Wilson

Cisco 'evangelical' on virtualization

Recently at VMworld in San Francisco, Cisco announced the integration of its Frame Data Center with VMware Virtual Infrastructure. The intent is for customers to make better use data center resources and ensure improved business continuity and security.

Virtualization demands new security weapons

Greg Ness is a strong believer in virtualization. What the vice-president of marketing for Blue Lane Technologies, a software security company and VMware partner doesn't believe in is enterprises applying last-war security theories to the new world of virtual machines.

Nortel preparing for unwired enterprise

Nortel has created a new strategy for all-wireless offices it dubs the "Unwired Enterprise," which focuses on OFDM/MIMO coverage, wireless integration and universal mobility across other wireless networks.

Security warning flags for newer wireless technology

RSA, the security division of EMC, has completed its annual wireless survey, and the news is mixed. Wireless adoption is moving briskly in the post-WEP era, with advanced encryption gaining ground, yet there have been some minor setbacks. There are also some potential warning flags for still-emerging wireless technologies, such as RFID.

Opinion: WorldCom casts new shadow on outsourcing

The shocking revelations of accounting fraud at WorldCom Inc. have left even non-WorldCom users wondering about their service providers. With financial scandals at Enron Corp., Global Crossing Holdings Ltd. and now WorldCom, how can enterprises be certain that their outsourcing providers are being honest about their financial position? The answer is that they can't.

Outsourcing vendors' "dirty little secret"

One of the "dirty little secrets" of outsourcing vendors is how much of their work is "repurposed" from other clients. If a consultancy comes up with a solid, viable network architecture for one client company, you can bet it will re-use elements of that in its work for other clients.