Stories by Michael Vizard and Katherine Bull

Keith Krach: At Vanguard of Digital Exchange

As CEO of Ariba Inc., Keith Krach has been at the forefront of the digital exchange phenomenon. Today, Ariba is a dominant platform provider in one of the hottest spaces in the digital economy.

Piloting Novell to the Upper Reaches of E-biz

E-business, like all business models before it, is about building and maintaining relationships. The Internet has made it much easier to do this, but at the same time the number of partners that companies need to keep track of is exploding. A key technology that should help bring some order to the chaos of e-business is the directory.

VA Linux CEO Augustin Takes on the Big Boys

VA Linux Systems has distinguished itself from other Linux providers by offering complete systems and systems integration. But now, in an increasingly crowded Linux marketplace, VA Linux faces the challenge of competing with the likes of IBM and Compaq Computer. Larry Augustin, president and CEO of VA Linux, talked with InfoWorld's editor in chief, Michael Vizard, and executive producer/new media, Katherine Bull, about VA Linux's strategy, its competitors, and how Augustin plans to differentiate the company.