Stories by Philip Hall

Dell puts wireless high on list

At Dell Computer, wireless capabilities are high on its list of things to do this year, but choosing the right path to take is proving a bit tougher.

Protecting Intellectual Property Has Its Headaches

For Weerawit "Don" Weeraworawit, Deputy Director General, of the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), Ministry of Commerce, life spent chasing counterfeiters has its ups and downs. On the bright side, he and his team are helping draw attention to the fact that Thailand no longer wishes to be associated with the modern-day pirates of Southeast Asia, while on the dark side more successful raids could shorten his life.

Indie Web Site Xudio Makes A Splash

Been to a local bar lately and heard a great band you thought could go further? The search is over now, as startup company can store online music from artists that may never have a chance with Sony, EMI or any of the other big recording studios.

Systems Union Makes A Point Of E-Commerce

U.K.-based Systems Union, an international supplier of SunSystems financial and business software recently announced the release of SunSystems eBusiness Edition, enhancing the e-commerce capabilities of their product line.