Stories by Tom Thompson

Pitfalls of J2ME development

J2ME does a splendid job of promoting application portability across a diverse set of embedded devices. But some J2ME specs are vague enough that each vendor's J2ME implementation might handle key sections of code in different ways. What follows is a rogue's gallery of maddening variations that can stymie application portability.

Inside a Microprocessor

A microprocessor is the heart of a modern computer, a chip made up of millions of transistors and other elements organized into specific functional operating units, including arithmetic units, cache memory and memory management, predictive logic and data movement.

Under the Hood with Mac OS X

In the middle of last month, Apple Computer Inc. released a public beta of its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X. (The "X" is read as "ten"; it will be the successor to the current implementation, Mac OS 9.) The goal is to provide for the Macintosh platform all the modern bells and whistles, such as preemptive multitasking, memory protection, virtual memory and task scheduling.