Stories by Sean Captain

Three Minutes With George Kurtz

From the break-in at in which hackers stole credit card information to the hacking of Microsoft to viruses disguised as tennis player pinups, Internet troublemakers are forcing everyone to think about the security of their systems. We recently spoke to George Kurtz, chief executive officer of the security consulting firm Foundstone Inc. and coauthor of the book Hacking Exposed, about security threats and defense strategies for everyone from home users on a broadband connection to major electronic-commerce sites and software companies.

Dialing for No Dollars: Actiontec's Net Phone

I can't always get through to my Mom--at least I couldn't while testing Actiontec Electronics Inc.'s Internet Phone Wizard, a nifty new product that connects your telephone to the Internet to allow free U.S. long-distance calling. When it works, the system convincingly mimics a regular call, but it didn't succeed every time.