Stories by Tim Ouellette

Cashing In?

The recent stock market drops have crushed many high-tech employees' dreams of cashing in on their stock options and retiring by 30.

Web personalisation

Are you getting the most out of the Web, or is the Web getting all it can out of you? That's the question the e-commerce industry is wrestling with as Web personalisation technology takes off.

Compaq takes a hit

Compaq may be one of the leading sellers of server hardware, but Computerworld readers ranked Compaq hardware lowest of the major vendors in key areas such as scalability, quality and overall service and support.

Product Review: 64-bit update

In the year since US Computerworld last reviewed 64-bit processors, not a lot has changed. Intel Corp is still working on its own 64-bit chip, called the IA-64. In the meantime, existing makers of 64-bit chips have been cranking up their offerings and improving their operating systems to keep their customers happy.