Stories by Johanna Ambrosio

When it comes to security, trust but verify

If you want to help employees do their best work, and appeal to Millennials both in and outside of IT, corporate assets should be fully available unless there's a good reason to limit access.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Faye K. Sahai

With the title of vice president of innovation and advanced technology, it's no surprise that Faye K. Sahai had a hand in cutting-edge projects at <a href="">Kaiser Permanente</a>.

Self-publishing e-books: How to get started

Self-publishing has become an increasingly important industry for both individual authors and businesses who want to put out their own books. But how do you begin? Here are some tips for self-starters.

Going wireless in the datacentre

Bouncing information around a datacentre, via 60GHz Wi-Fi, can speed things up by 30 per cent compared to using traditional cables, a group of researchers found. The technique is still being perfected, but it could yield an interesting approach for enterprises in the not-too-distant future.

New app store caters to robot fans

If you want to waltz with your Roomba or remotely control your flying AR Drone, there's an online store that sells apps that let you do those things, and more. In fact, there are more than 300 apps available at the new site,

Multiple short outages can add up to major problems

Corporate executives have long created IT plans to cope with major disasters, but now they're increasingly taking steps to prevent the brief shutdowns that can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in their own right.