Stories by Cathy Kenny

When Tips Aren't Tops

Your life is in desperate need of order. Inc. wants to help, by delivering to your in-box targeted e-mails such as daily weather information, weekly medical updates, or regular auto maintenance reminders.

Cruisin' With Microsoft Streets & Trips 2001

Planning a trip to Yellowstone, or want directions to a great seafood place while you're traveling? In either case, Microsoft Corp.'s Streets & Trips 2001 can help you get there. Armed with more than 6.3 million miles of streets and highways in the United States and Canada, the program can pinpoint virtually any address on the map and generate turn-by-turn directions. And now you can save those directions as a Web page to share over the Internet with colleagues or for future reference. On the downside, while you can download maps to your Windows CE device, Palm users are still out of luck.