Stories by Ronda Field

ASP faces lock-out at Asia Online

A local ASP was locked out of Asia Online's offices this morning after trying to retrieve equipment that was being hosted by the now-defunct ISP.

E-cheques in the system

An online payment system based on the premise of electronic cheques is looking to breathe some life back into the local e-commerce market.

Financial institutions warned of PKI pitfalls

While Australian financial institutions scramble to keep up with best practice security, public key infrastructure (PKI) is rapidly finding its way onto the agenda. However, Ernst & Young warns that many financial institutions may be putting themselves at risk by jumping in headfirst.

ING Direct system stumbles

ING Direct was offline from 11.30am as the system was shutdown so that interest payments could be credited to users' accounts.

Will XP help Microsoft?

As the IT industry waits in anticipation to see whether or not Windows XP will come to the rescue of an
ailing PC market, there is an almost equal amount of interest in how its reception will impact on Microsoft

APRA adopts XBRL

The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) is leading the pace by being the first major regulatory body in the world to adopt Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).

Cocktail for system crash

A mix of Microsoft products has proved to be a troublesome cocktail for local electronics company Hagemeyer.