Stories by Roberta Fusaro

Internet worm can crash corporate servers

A Helsinki, Finland-based data security company is warning Netizens about a computer worm, called Happy99, that can send hundreds of copies of itself to the same newsgroups and e-mail addresses to which an infected user is posting or e-mailing.

Lotus, Compaq Spawn Knowledge M'ment Packs

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Lotus Development Corp. and Houston-based Compaq Computer Corp. earlier this week expanded on their previously announced knowledge management partnership, releasing two more software/hardware bundles aimed at helping businesses access internal information and use it more effectively.

Training Hassles Ahead as Notes Update Introduces Browser Feel

Longtime Lotus Notes users and developers are in for a shock -- and additional training -- when they see Version 5.0, which ditches the familiar desktop icons and workspace. The good news is that the new interface is similar to a Web browser, which should make it easier for newcomers to learn Lotus Notes.

E-mail standard gains steam

The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a mechanism for getting information about your e-mail, or the messages themselves, from a corporate mail server.
This e-mail protocol lets users dial in to an Internet server from a remote location and review the headings and senders of their e-mail before choosing to download that mail from the server.