Stories by Susan Orenstein to Slash Half of Its Staff

San Francisco's Inc. is as chic as a neighborhood bistro, with its wrought-iron lobby chairs dressed up like vegetables. But the online meal-ordering company will shift away from focusing on neighborhood hot spots in favor of national chains such as Papa John's.

On the Avenue

"Black isn't always black." So says Lezlie Winter, explaining why she shuns the Internet when it comes to shopping. She was browsing through the handbag section of Saks Fifth Avenue. "And gray isn't always gray, and red isn't always red." Whatever important things the Internet might do for the world and the economy, when it comes to picking a purse, it apparently doesn't measure up.

IVillage's Carpenter Gets Candid

Boring. Candice Carpenter wants you to know that the state of her company, iVillage, a women's Web site, is boring. As in, it's executing. As in, it's scaling to profitability. As in, it's exactly where she wants it to be.

Bye-Bye iVillage

With the announcement yesterday that its chief financial officer is quitting, iVillage lost its second high-level executive in the space of just one week.

Hillary's High-Tech Stumping

There was some irony in the appearance of one particular speaker at the Women of Silicon Alley Summit on Thursday in lower Manhattan. It's not that the speaker in question shies from public appearances.

Free at Last

People who have worked at Juno often say the company's best moments came at the beginning. Back when it launched its free e-mail service, in April 1996, it was a pioneer. (An outfit called Freemark launched a similar service at about the same time but didn't grow as fast as Juno and later went out of business.)