Stories by New Century Group staff

China's Telecom Equipment Market Heats Up

At least 20 multinationals are making and selling telecoms equipment in China, but few have faired as they expected. Allowing for the capital they have invested, perhaps half of them are losing money in the country.
The rise of domestic competitors is making the situation worse. In 1995, local equipment makers had less than 10 percent of the market and supplied mostly cheap, low-capacity equipment to rural markets. In 1999 local firms are expected to take more than half the market.
Huawei is the biggest domestic telecoms equipment manufacturers in China. Its product range covers main telecoms areas such as switches, transmission, access networks, wireless and mobile communications, ATM, data communications, power supplies and power monitoring equipment. It has 10,000 staff and its sales in 1998 were over US$1 billion.