Stories by David Needle

What’s coming next for Slack? Plenty

Slack previewed several new features it’s working on for future releases of its popular collaboration software, including advanced security controls and better e-discovery.

Sparks Fly at Showcase Wrap-up

Product shoot-outs, some pointed remarks by Oracle Corp. Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison, and innovative Web services were among the highlights of the second and last day of the Showcase 2000 conference here last week.

Showcase Gives Way to the Wacky

An audience of 700-plus high-tech executives and investors at the Showcase 2000 Conference here saw dozens of new Internet service companies give demonstrations on stage before finally giving its first loud applause to a tiny handheld, its first prolonged laughs for a funeral site, and more big plaudits for a phone service.

E-Services for Everyone

Interested in making some serious money on the Web? Join the crowd at Showcase 2000, where burgeoning Web businesses roll out their online wares. Some highlights from this week's event:

E-mail: The Good, the Bad, the Bloated

E-mail, sometimes called the "killer app" of the Internet, can be a more effective tool for office workers when used properly or a time drain if not. A recently released report by Ferris Research in San Francisco lays out the case for quantifiable productivity gains using e-mail, as well as the factors that lead to its misuse.

Instant Messages Going Wireless

As cell phones, handheld computers, and set-top boxes like WebTV hook up to the 'Net, instant messaging is primed to go beyond the PC.
The worldwide market for instant messaging will grow to 175 million users (PC and non-PC combined) by 2002, according to market research firm Mobile Insights. That's up 250 percent from the 50 million PC users today.
By 2002, desktop PCs will still be the dominant platform for instant messaging, but messaging on personal digital assistants like the Palm Pilot and on mobile phones will pick up dramatically, says David Hayden, senior analyst at Mobile Insights. Some 25 million instant messaging users could be on PDAs (personal digital assistants) by then, Hayden says. PDAs are gaining wireless connectivity faster than PC notebooks are, and notebooks will trail in instant messaging use.

Sneak Peek at AT&T's Photo, Speech Wares

A preview of a photo management application and speech recognition research were among the surprise highlights at an AT&T Labs open house here this week.
The company best known for its telephony and telecommunications products is clearly venturing onto new turf. The most surprising demonstration from the open house was a nifty photo management application called Shoebox.

E-businesses will get smarter

Futuristic PC design, e-commerce success stories, and a glimpse at computing five years from now were among highlights at the eBusiness Conference in San Jose, California, this week.