Stories by Lisa Banks

City of Melbourne seeks CIO

The City of Melbourne has advertised for a new CIO, with an initial three-year term for the successful applicant.

WCC2010: E-health to be held back by doctors?

Technophobic healthcare practitioners along with immature technology could be preventing the accelerated rollout of e-health in Australia, according to one e-health industry expert.

Protesters crash World Computing Congress

Protesters have gate-crashed the World Computing Congress with two individuals handing out leaflets and parading banners at the talk "what are the "big" issues in IP in relation to computing technology?" from Ralf Abbing of the Netherlands.

The cloud will ‘change piracy’: BSAA

Moving software to the cloud will have an impact on the piracy industry, according to co-chair of the Business Software Alliance of Australia (BSAA), Clayton Noble.

Salmat develops SME solution

Salmat has shared insights into the company’s move to the SME market, saying marketing across a number of different IT platforms has been the key to the company’s success.

QlikTech plans WA expansion

Business Intelligence company QlikTech will move ahead with planned expansion into Western Australia from next year in a move to grow its local customer portfolio.

McAfee CEO shares Intel acquisition insights

A greater focus on research and development and an added third layer of security were key decision making factors behind McAfee's decision to sign on to its acquistion by Intel.

Federal Government to upgrade Emergency Alert service

The Federal Government is to upgrade the Emergency Alert warning system, pushing the service, which delivers SMS notifications about natural disasters out to mobile handsets, to all Australian mobile networks.