Stories by Robert Cooney

XML storage has a niche

Of all the XML-based technologies available to us, the one that may be considered the most revolutionary may also be the most neglected. I'm talking about the native XML database.

Stop thinking like a programmer

"No more batch processing! I’m serious!" For many months now, this has been the mantra of our forward-thinking (and frustrated) IT director. He will not be deterred even slightly, despite numerous protests of a "You can’t be serious" nature.

Java and active directory can be fun

I have a new toy at work -- a Microsoft Exchange server. OK, so I can't "play" with it in any conventional sense of the word (my superiors would shudder at the thought), but it has made for a lot of fun in that computer-geeky, hey-I'm-learning-something-new sort of way. I'd like to share with you the result of one of my more productive poking around sessions, but first, a little bit of background.