Stories by Stuart McClure & Joel Scambray

Security Watch

Last year we predicted that our Golden Guardian award for the year's best information security product, solution or technology would surely become one of the security industry's most prestigious awards. And although Donald Trump hasn't offered to produce this year's award ceremony at one of his posh properties, we're happy to bring you the second annual installment of the Goldie.

Guest column: Security watch: MS, Novell compete for one sign-on

Being the ever-skeptical security guys is getting to be a tough racket. And our job is going to get even harder with the soon-to-be-fought war between giants Microsoft and Novell over who will provide online information management services for the hordes of users looking for an easier online experience.

Column: Security Watch

There are several recent, dangerous security vulnerabilities -- MDAC, IIShack, rpc.cmsd, and rpc.ttdbserver to name the leaders -- but nothing matches the threat and ubiquity of poorly chosen passwords. In fact, you could probably combine all the current buffer overflows, input-validation attacks, and data-driven attacks and still not match the menace of easily guessed passwords.