Stories by John Berry

ROI: whose job is it, anyway?

Recently, I conveyed the elements of a comprehensive return-on-investment program to the IT organisation of a small but fast-growing company. The presentation included how a financial forecast looked, how the company needed to plan for change when the metrics in the forecast hinted at it, and why the auditing of actual post-investment returns was a good idea.

Strategic measurement

When are you supposed to build an economic value model to justify a proposed information technology investment? Whenever the CFO or CIO asks you to. But a more subtle answer rests in a decision framework that can enlighten measurement practices by the nature of the IT investment a company wants to make. This framework suggests that rigorous measurement isn't so important when investing in certain kinds of technology, which may be seen as heresy given today's urge to measure.

Measuring Sticks

The spoils of the holiday e-commerce season will be distributed unevenly. For every highflier like Yahoo, there will be a flop like Value America. But how can you tell which sites are headed in the right direction?