Stories by Michael Martin

Gartner Foresees Growth in ASP Market

The worldwide application service provider (ASP) market will hit $25 billion by the end of 2004, but some early adopters and providers will be burned along the way, according to the Gartner Group.

Gateway Telecom Has Great Goals

Gateway Telecom Canada Inc. of North Bay, Ontario plans to build a multiservice, carrier-class network that would provide wholesale voice and data services to carriers in Canada and the U.S.

Bell's DSL Service Hits Hurdle

The progress of DSL as a tool for connecting remote workers back into corporate LANs at high speed has been hampered in Bell Canada International Inc.'s territory by incompatibilities between a new addressing scheme implemented by Bell and various applications.

CRYPTOCard Simplifies Secure Access

CRYPTOCard has integrated the latest version of its authentication software, CRYPTOAdmin 4.0, with InfoExpress Inc.'s VPN software in an effort to give end users a simpler-to-use, end-to-end security tool.

Canadian Government Prepares to Auction Air

The federal government is completing the final stages of a plan it hopes will kick-start the development of wireless broadband in Canada. Despite the government's efforts, industry analysts expect it will be years, rather than months, before broadband wireless is widely deployed.
At the heart of the government's plan to promote broadband wireless development is the upcoming auction of licences to operate in the 24GHz and 38GHz spectrums. The licences will be handed out in several geographical blocks. Earl Hoeg, manager of wireless networks with Industry Canada, said the auction should take place in early October.

3Com, StorageTek to team on SANs

3Com and Storage Technology (StorageTek) announced their intention to ship turn-key storage-area network (SAN) gear, which is good news for enterprises looking for truly interoperable SAN equipment, according to an industry observer.

Montreal to host next-gen wireless trial

A group of North American PCS (personal communication service) providers are getting set for a trial of third-generation wireless technology in Montreal over the next few months.

Nortel plans to put smarts into IP voice

Nortel Networks is working to develop a standardised protocol that would allow the intelligent calling functions of the Signaling System 7 (SS7) network to interoperate with voice traveling over IP networks.

High ground storage scales

The latest version of HighGround Systems Inc.'s NT enterprise storage manager uses Microsoft's SQL Server database as its central store, making it more scalable.

Alcatel snaps up packet engines

Gigabit Ethernet start-up Packet Engines is switching onto a new track after agreeing to a purchase offer from telecomms and cable equipment provider Alcatel Alsthom SA.

Telcos dig in for year 2000

Canada's major telecom carriers are banding together to reinforce the country's communications backbone against the impending onslaught of 2000.