Stories by Eric Bender

Gates: We Do It Our Way

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss: Is that the story behind Microsoft Corp.'s grand .Net announcement?

Who Buys Corel?

Corel Corp. has more lives than a cat. The Ottawa vendor has played in device drivers, graphics software, office suites, CD-ROM reference discs, remote-access software, videoconferencing hardware, Java machines, server appliances, Linux distributions, and probably other niches that we forget.

Antitrust Remedy Invites Opportunity

It's a funny thing about monopolies: Many consumers get comfortable with them and don't want to try alternatives -- until they really get a whiff of what those alternatives could bring.

Turn Any PC Into a Linux Server

Want a basic server--cheap?
Released on Monday, Cybernet's NetMAX "thin server" software packages promise just that. Based on Red Hat Software's Linux distribution, the $99 packages install on any Intel-compatible PC in as little as 15 minutes, claims Charles Jacobus, Cybernet president.