Stories by Tim Nott

French Linguists Rewrite the Internet Dictionary

As a European, one can't help feeling sympathy for the Académie Française, whose latest initiative is to find pure French equivalents for Internet terminology. Reacting against the linguistic equivalents of Coke and Macdonalds, the Académie is trying to create a whole new French vocabulary to take the place of "le web", "le chat" and "le freeware", all of which are in common use.

Wanted: A New E-Envoy for Britain

A gloomy start to the week, as weekend market pundits predicted falling tech share prices. Some blamed it on industry "uncertainty" about interest rates but most commentators put the boot into Apple, whose pessimistic profit warning triggered a 50 per cent plunge in share price late last week. Even Steve Jobs admitted it: "We've clearly hit a speedbump".