Stories by Gaea Zhou

Click Here for Geek Humor

A new virus is on the loose. The User Friendly productivity virus is said to infect fans of geek humor soon after they discover the online comic strip.

Patch Up Excel's Shortcomings

It's the end of the fiscal year, and you're trying to make budget projections for the upcoming year. But you're spending most of your time writing new formulas to tell Excel how to perform the calculations. The add-ins on this week's list will help you maximize Excel's functionality and increase your productivity.

IBM Packs 1GB Into Stamp-Size Drive

Imagine stuffing 1000 novels onto a stamp-size hard disk. It's not a dream with IBM Corp.'s updated Microdrive, which triples its capacity to 1GB.

Web Site Hosts Talking Photos

To add a little multimedia twist to your digital greetings, try sending talking photos. You'll find the easy-to-use tools on a new Web site,