Stories by John Goddard

3D Modeling Muscle With MetaCreations Carrara

Named after Michelangelo's favorite marble quarry, MetaCreations Corp.'s $399 Carrara is billed as the "complete" 3D modeling tool for artists and designers. Inspired by its siblings Ray Dream and Infini-D, Carrara collects more than 600 impressive features inside a stylish interface. It will gratify picky pros and hobbyists, but may daunt novices.

New Products: Vue d'Esprit 3: Divine 3D Creations

Have you ever daydreamed a beautiful scene? The French call this image a vue d'esprit, a view of the mind. And that's the name of a powerful 3D application from France. The latest version, Vue d'Esprit 3, lets anyone create and animate stunning 3D scenes of nature. It lists for $199, while upgrades are $99.