Stories by Con Yianakos

Keeping it simple

Today's e-business is identity-driven. Virtually every business application touches employees, partners and customers that have an identity, and effective identity management has become a necessity. It is a broad and multi-faceted discipline that has rapidly emerged to become a top IT initiative.

Five steps to threat protection

Many businesses think they wear a cloak of invincibility regarding computer security and the chance of their networks being invaded or data stolen. Harm to valuable (and often sensitive) corporate data affects the performance of daily operations, as well as the company’s credibility in the market. No IT manager can be compliant, and “it couldn’t possibly happen to us” is not an acceptable excuse.

Will wireless ever be secure enough for the enterprise?

If wireless was simply a matter of business expedience, and we ignored security concerns, it would be as ubiquitous today as laptops and mobile phones. But guess again. Most companies are holding back on deploying wireless because they're not convinced wireless can be made secure, or be made secure at a cost they can afford.