Stories by John Zyskowski

Clock Strikes Twelve for RSA

Security players have mixed views about whether this month's expiration of a key security patent will lower the prices that agencies pay for products that use encryption and digital signature technology. But they do agree that buyers should soon have more options from which to choose.

Finding Its Net Voice

When the command at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard transferred responsibility for the yard's phone system from the facilities staff to the information technology department as part of a centralization project, the department did what many computer shops in the same situation would love to do: It hatched a plan to run those phones over its own IP-based computer data network.

Harnessing the Internet Economy

In the Internet economy, dot-com schemes have been a dime a dozen, and until recently, venture capital plentiful. Of course, not all of those ideas have succeeded in practice: Many dot-com start-ups have crashed and burned, disappearing in a cloud of stock options.

MS Shifts Gears with Datacenter Server

Next month when manufacturers begin to sell powerful PC servers to run the new Windows 2000 Datacenter Server software, the event will mark a significant shift in the way Microsoft sells and supports its most sophisticated operating system.