Stories by Margaret Steen

Enterprise Careers: Database Analyst

Database analysts fulfill a crucial role in any organization and are most often responsible for maintaining and modifying a company's databases.

Career Currents

In my most recent column on many IT professionals' struggle to balance work with the rest of their lives, I printed the views of readers with children who said that when long workweeks become a prerequisite for career advancement, it has the effect of discriminating against workers with children (see "Readers say employers make it tough for them to balance work and family,"

Career Currents

This week's question: Can your employer make you sign -- and can it enforce -- a noncompete agreement?

Spotlight on skills: Networking salaries

Salaries for IT professionals who work in the system administration, network administration, and network security fields continued to grow in 1998, according to a survey by the SANS Institute.

Book review: Increasing your salary

As conventional wisdom has it, the best way to increase your compensation is to get a job with a new company. However, with employers focusing on keeping their employees, it is becoming easier to significantly increase your compensation while staying at the same company.