Stories by Eileen Yu

Intel confident of holding off chip rivals

Intel's long stronghold on the processor markets appears to have come under attack of late, with the chip maker facing stiff competition from smaller players, and still recovering from its recent 1.13GHz blunder.

Laser Breakthrough in Fiber-Optic Splicing

A local researcher has proven his skeptics wrong by developing what is likely the world's first laser splicing technique to fuse optical fibers, whilst maintaining the high performance and reliability optical networking is renowned for.

Do E-Commerce Quick But Get It Right

While achieving speed to market is crucial in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry, businesses can go down the drain if they rush blindly into electronic commerce.

Smart Antennas Will Increase Mobile Capacity

Singapore research institute Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) is testing a prototype technology that will enable mobile operators to support larger groups of users from a single base station.

Lucent Plays Down Criticisms

Amidst an unstable stock value, Lucent Technologies Inc. maintains it is not losing its foothold, citing revenue figures which it said were stronger than its competitors.

WAP Will Survive, Nokia Says

Amidst dying enthusiasm that the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) will last, at least one company remains optimistic about its future. Finnish mobile phone vendor, Nokia Corp., believes the wireless standard still deserves a rosy outlook.

Digital Merger Was Difficult but Necessary: Compaq

Having recently returned its commercial PC business to profitability, Compaq iComputer Corp. is not looking back from its infamous plagued acquisition of Digital Equipment Corp. almost three years ago.

Singapore Must Grow Beyond Technology, Gov't Says

Having excelled in building a robust IT infrastructure, Singapore must now focus on developing the "soft" issues, including security, policies, and its legal environment, according to the country's regulatory body, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

Pervasive Broadband Access Aim for Singapore

Outlining a five-year roadmap, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) last week revealed big plans for Singapore, and identified key technologies that it hopes will help fulfill its aim to make broadband access available to 2.2 million users in the city-state by 2005.

Laying the Bricks to Click on Success

Now that the dot-com fever is breaking into a sweat, investors are dripping with anxiety as they watch the value of dot-coms fluctuate unpredictably in a highly temperamental high-tech market.

Virata Melds Voice/Data in a Single Chip

Semiconductor supplier for broadband communications, Virata Corp., has unveiled a new family of integrated access device (IAD) chipsets which it said is the industry's first to support voice and data services on a single chip.

VPNs: To Outsource or Not?

It has been a while since the notion of building virtual private networks (VPNs) first sprouted in the market as the ideal solution to transmitting critical data securely over the Internet. However, the dispute over whether companies should outsource their VPN operations or not, still remains unresolved.

Progress moves up the ASP way

Progress Software is one of a growing number of organisations in the industry that strongly believes the ASP (application service provider) model deserves a thumbs-up, and is the right way to progress for business applications. Not a bad move, especially when analysts have predicted this market to be worth $US19.5 billion in 2003.