Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

Sun acquires Star Power

Sun Microsystems' strategy to offer free office productivity software over the Web taps a growing user interest in hosted internet applications.

Sun accretes with fellow Star

Sun Microsystems' strategy to offer free office productivity software over the Web taps a growing user interest in hosted Internet applications.

Solaris for IA-64 coming this year

Sun Microsystems will make an early version of its Solaris operating system for Intel's forthcoming IA-64 architecture available to key software vendors by the fourth quarter

Trade-in deal coming for Alpha users

Users affected by Compaq's decision to drop Windows NT on its Alpha servers will be offered trade-in programs and services to aid migration to Windows NT or Windows 2000 on ProLiant servers.

HP details internet strategy, partnerships

Hewlett-Packard trumpeted a well-received internet strategy and announced a new partner at last week's HP World user conference in San Francisco.
Led by newly appointed CEO Carly Fiorina, various company executives gave users a glimpse of the company's future plans, which will focus mainly on delivering rentable internet applications, building vertical portal sites and developing dynamic brokering middleware for the Web.

Interview: Web's high-availability issues create challenges

As founder and former CEO of Tandem Computers -- a vendor of very high-availability systems and now a Compaq Computer subsidiary -- James Treybig knows a lot about what it takes to achieve high levels of application uptime. Today, he's a partner at Austin, Texas, venture capitalist Austin Ventures and invests in high-tech start-ups.

In First, Hewlett-Packard Picks Outsider as CEO

Carleton Fiorina, the new CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co., could add some fresh perspectives to HP's strategies at a time when the company is finally showing signs of emerging from a two-year slowdown, observers said.
HP was split in two in March. Fiorina heads the computer and printer company, which retains the HP name. The other, as-yet-unnamed company is focused on medical equipment.

EMC wins injunction on HP storage names

Hewlett-Packard has been ordered by a US District Court judge to immediately discontinue infringing on EMC's trademarks in naming and marketing HP storage products.

Big names jump on app rental bandwagon

Hardware makers are joining the horde of vendors betting that future users will increasinglay want to rent rather than own many core applications. But there's little sign yet that users, especially larger ones, have started doing that in any widespread manner.

Amdahl's big iron falls short

The 60 users who have purchased Amdahl's recently shipped Millennium 800 series mainframes may want to renegotiate their software licenses and performance guarantees.

Report urges switch from SNA to IP nets

Corporations that stick with SNA networks as their primary access to legacy data will soon be spending more money and deriving fewer benefits than those using consolidated networks based on IP, according to a recent Gartner Group report.

UPDATE- Hitachi, IBM Call Tech Deal Quits

IBM Corp. and Hitachi Data Systems Corp. have quietly discontinued a technology agreement dating back to 1994 under which IBM sold CMOS chips for Hitachi's Pilot mainframes.
Starting in January 2000, Hitachi will develop its own CMOS chips and associated technology for its mainframes, a Hitachi executive said last week.