Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

Carnegie Mellon Starts Institute

Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University has launched an institute that will focus on developing new technologies and processes for dealing with Internet security threats.

IBM Releases Servers that Challenge Sun

The new Unix servers announced by IBM last week should close the widening price/ performance gap in the midrange market between IBM and rivals such as Sun Microsystems Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co., users and analysts said.

Windows Easy Hacker Target

The renowned user-friendliness - and popularity - of Windows software will continue to make the platform a prime target for hackers, warned users and analysts in the aftermath of the "I Love You" virus and its variants last week.

New Weapon Bolsters Crackers' Arsenals

A respected computer security authority sounded the alarm last week about a new tool that crackers could use to launch Web site attacks similar to the lethal ones that brought down several sites in February.

Crime Penalties Stiffen

Perpetrators of some computer crimes such as credit-card and identity theft and online copyright violations could soon face longer prison time and stricter sentencing terms.

Filemaker Working to Fix Software Security Hole

Filemaker Inc., a developer of software for Apple Computer Inc.'s systems, plans by early next week to provide a downloadable fix for a newly discovered bug that potentially allows unauthorized access to databases posted on the Internet.

Content-Delivery Services Vary in Their Approaches

Not all content-delivery services are created alike. They're all aimed at speeding delivery of Web content to visitors, but there are crucial differences in technology and architectural approaches to be considered when choosing a provider, users and analysts said.

Roller-Coaster Ride may not be over

The continuing volatility of technology stocks suggests that there could be even more correction on the way before the market starts stabilizing again, analysts cautioned.

Sun Users Advised to Seek Trade-in Options

Meta Group Inc. last week joined Gartner Group Inc. in advising users to insist on investment protection guarantees when buying Sun Microsystems Inc.'s high-end E10000 Unix server.