Stories by Matt Hamblen

IPhone 5 reportedly a Sprint exclusive

Sprint is expected to get the iPhone 5 exclusively from Apple to run over its 4G Wimax network, according to a <a href="">report Monday from</a> .

Nokia and RIM, pioneers in wireless, seem to be on the ropes

Tablets and smartphones have shaken up the computing world. Their impact may be most profound for Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM), two pioneers in wireless communications that are now scrambling to adjust to relative newcomers such as Apple and Google.

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus unveiled by Samsung

Samsung Friday announced the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet, an update that is lighter and more powerful than the original <a href="">Galaxy Tab</a> , and runs a 1.2 GHz dual core processor.

PlayBook in trouble, if not dead, says analyst

Research in Motion's PlayBook looks to be in trouble, as it appears that the smartphone maker has stopped production of the tablet and is actively considering getting out of the business, says Collins Stewart semiconductor analyst John Vihn.

3 traits that make the Kindle Fire competitive

The Kindle Fire tablet, announced by on Wednesday, has three traits that make it competitive in a crowded tablet market: a low $199 price, a fast browser called Amazon Silk, and access to an abundant ecosystem of movies, music, apps, and books.

Cisco to launch free iPad/iPhone video app

Cisco announced improvements to its video product line Thursday to make it easier for businesses to capture and share video, including a free app coming soon for iPad and iPhone.

Full-Duplex Boosts Network Traffic

Rice University researchers have developed full-duplex wireless technology that they say could double network traffic -- at a low cost, with little need for new hardware and without much disruption in service. to unveil tablet on Sept. 28? sent out invitations to a press event in New York City next Wednesday for what could be the unveiling of the online reailer's long-expected tablet computer.

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