Stories by Dick Hudson

Will GE Hand CEO Reins to a ‘Tech-Age' Leader?

Is it possible that a techie could be the heir apparent to the legendary Jack Welch as CEO of General Electric Co.? The cover of a recent issue of Fortune magazine has Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems Inc., hugging Welch. It's accompanied inside by an article detailing their "best bud" relationship. When asked by Fortune if McNealy would be his successor, Welch declined to comment. At GE's recent annual shareholders' meeting, Welch assured the media that his successor (Welch plans to retire by the end of the year) would be an insider. McNealy sits on GE's board of directors.

What's in a Name? With IT/IS, It's About 'Service'

Information technology or information services? Each name conjures up a distinctly different psychological and philosophical image. Who are you? How do you view yourself? Do you see yourself as a service provider or product creator?

And Now, A Big, Nationwide Y2K Pat on the Back

In the Broadway musical My Fair Lady, there's a scene where Col. Pickering and Professor Higgins launch into a self-congratulatory ditty called "We Did It." In it, they extol their success in converting a common flower girl into a duchess who, just that evening, was successfully introduced into London high society.