Stories by Pascal Hakim

Identifying innuendo no joke for comp sci researchers

"Well that was hard!" "That's what she said" Turning seemingly normal comments into sexual innuendo by adding the words "That's what she said" is a cultural phenomenon, appearing everywhere from TV sitcoms, to internet discussions, to movies.

Not Invented Here: The New Excuse

Google has recently been in hot water over its Street View cars recording all WiFi traffic that happened to be transmitting at the time the vehicles drove by. The software in use was supposed to just be looking for the names of WiFi access points in the area. But it appears it was doing so by recording all the wireless traffic that was being transmitted in the area around the Street View cars as they drove past.

Opinion: Can you change your default programming language?

If you have more than one coder on your team, chances are you have standardised on a programming language. Whether it's C, Java or Python, people need to be able to read and write each other's code to do their work. The language was probably picked by some of the first coders in your team, or was based on an analysis of what was needed at the time.

Are your developers unit testing?

Recurring bugs in software development are normally a sign of a problem in the development process. Unit testing is one method used by development teams to solve this problem. At its core, unit testing is about writing a series of independent small tests to check that individual functions within the code base are doing the right thing.

Introduction to Clojure

It's relatively simple to get up and running with Clojure - the latest Lisp dialect. We show you how.