Stories by Chris Yurko

RIPin' the Web

What keeps you coming back to a Web site? Reliability, information, and performance--RIP for short--says a new Web watchdog.

Hot New E-Mail Device: The Phone

As more people seek convenient, around-the-clock access to their e-mail, many services have sprung up that let you check your e-mail messages over the telephone.

Accept Credit Cards on Your Site

A new electronic payment system called ProPay goes live this week, permitting individuals to accept payments by credit card--online or off--just as they now can accept checks.

ScanSoft Fights Paper Clutter

Are your file cabinets so stuffed you have trouble closing your drawers? Can't find important documents when you need them? In its update to PaperPort, ScanSoft Inc. is preparing a solution that will digitize your documents for easier storage and search.

Customize Your Audio Content

You use the Internet as an information source, right? So you're familiar with the idea of custom news: You select subjects that interest you so that only stories matching your criteria appear for your reading pleasure.

EBay Gets Down to Business

EBay Inc. has revolutionized person-to-person sales. Now the online auction giant is hoping to do the same for business-to-business sales with the launch of its "Business Exchange" forum, targeting small and midsized business.

Search the Web Without Searching

Autonomy Inc.'s Kenjin wants to put an end to Web searching as we know it. For a lot of people frustrated with their search engine options, that could be good news.

Microsoft Plays Smart Cards

If Bill Gates gets his way, Windows will not only continue to dominate the PC market, but it will also be the operating system that runs the plastic in your pocket.

Is It Live or Web Video?

Paul McCartney topped the charts in 1999, although it wasn't any of his songs or records that made it to number one. The ex-Beatle's performance at The Cavern in Liverpool last December drew more viewers than any other interactive video event of the year, according to a new report from DB&P/Webcast Track.