Stories by Brett Winterford

Southern Cross to pay off for ISPs

The completion of the Southern Cross Network should benefit ISPs and corporates that resell capacity to end users, with AAPT subsidiary being one of the first service providers to adjust how it sells the capacity on to other ISPs.

ASPs react to analyst scepticism

Application service providers (ASPs) offered strong responses to an article published in ARN (October 11, page 18) where IDC market analyst Wilvin Chee claimed the ASP business model was unlikely to "rock the software market" in the Asia-Pacific region.

Government consolidates IT offices

The National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) has been announced as an executive agency, giving the office a direct link to Government decision-making. NOIE will also absorb the Office for the Government Online (OGO) in the process.

Tibco and Broadvision sign global sales alliance

Middleware vendor Tibco has signed a global agreement with e-business application vendor Broadvision, resulting in the bundling of Tibco and Broadvision products under a joint marketing and sales scheme.

LibertyOne hoists sale flag

After originally opting to sell all assets bar the Zivo Web development business and an interest in Monet Asia Pacific, LibertyOne has gone to the extreme and opened up the salesroom floor for all of its assets in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat.

New look for ChaosMusic

Online music retailer ChaosMusic has launched a new-look Web site for its 80,000-strong customer base, designed to increase functionality and ease of navigation.
The job was outsourced to Web developer WSA Online, which has also designed a new logo for the company's future promotions.

Govt streaming legislation stymied

The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, has issued a determination which clears the distinction between Internet streaming and broadcasting.

Powertel picks up partners

Powertel has announced two carrier partnerships within the space of a week, inking with both Davnet and Amcom Telecommunications for complementary network offerings.

Ups and downs at Solution 6

It has been a topsy-turvy week for Solution 6 - within 24 hours the company has added the launch of a new taxation information portal for the Taxation Institute of Australia (TIA), and announced the resignation of chief financial officer Tom Montgomery.

Novell uses ASP model to target demand

Novell has pounced on the emergent application service provider (ASP) model, offering many of its Internet services software on a per-user, per-month basis to attract new business from application hosters.

VivaNET signs up MyAccess

In just over a week, Internet infrastructure service provider VivaNET has signed up a million-dollar wholesale deal with Internet service provider MyAccess, and announced that Wayne Bos' new economy investment firm, Tomorrow, plans to purchase of a 53 per cent stake in the company.