Stories by Neil McAllister

SNIA works towards ILM standards

Implementing an ILM (information lifecycle management) strategy is neither simple nor straightforward for any organization. For one thing, although the point solutions offered by storage vendors today address parts of the problem, true ILM must encompass the whole data centre.

The LAMP alternative to J2EE or .Net

When you think of enterprise web applications, it's only natural to think of J2EE and .Net. After all, these are the technologies most developers choose when implementing mission-critical apps. But as Friendster found out, the open source LAMP platform is a mature alternative that has a lot to offer, particularly for projects on a tight budget.

Analysis: Inside the new Novell

Without question, open source is one of the most important forces in enterprise IT. Apache is still the reigning champion of Web server software. Red Hat and MySQL are two of the most-watched software vendors today. And the success of Linux is such that even Microsoft, once considered the unstoppable juggernaut of the OS market, is being forced to play defense.