Stories by Tamara Plakalo

Microsoft announces changes to Licensing 6.0

Recently appointed managing director of Microsoft Australia, Steve Vamos, has singled out licensing as one of the main challenges ahead in the quest to move the software company from a product-driven to a customer-focused entity.

The correction we had to have

2001 may have left the global economy in tatters, but in the history books of IT, the year will be remembered for the correction we had to have.

EDITORIAL: Talkin' bout e-volution

Talking revolution is in vogue again. Surely you've noticed -- there are burning bras on the opposite page and generational upheavals above on this page.
I guess the only revolution missing is the one formerly known as the information superhighway.

MORPH: Changing morality

Ethics used to mean a system of moral principles by which one guided and judged one's actions as either good or bad, right or wrong -- in other words, as socially acceptable or unacceptable. Note the keyword -- "social". Now, mentally type it into your personalised brain-Google engine, click Search, and see what comes back.

Tech Pacific brings Starlight to kids

Continuing to carry the torch of philanthropy in the channel, Tech Pacific last week donned a genie outfit for the fourth year in a row to grant 60 wishes to seriously ill children associated with the Starlight Children's Foundation.

WEB DIARY: Anatomy of personalisation

There has never been a better time to get up close and personal with your online news provider, while singing at the top of your lungs "I did it myyyyyyyyyyyy waaay".

Two become one: xIBA gets ‘Liberated'

Rising Internet market player and one of ASX investment darlings, Liberty-One, has extended its Web development capabilities by acquiring Sydney-based Web integration specialist xIBA through a stock and option deal announced recently.

One world, one woman

The ACCPAC Unit of local distributor 1World Systems has
been experiencing rapid growth - all owing to the work
of one woman - the unit's manager Liesl Frankenfeld

Alcatel Embarks on Channel Restructuring Program

French telecommunications specialist Alcatel SA is bracing itself for a major market battle that will see the company embark on a world-wide brand recognition campaign in the converging voice and data enterprise market.

A new Centaris of success

With a growth rate of 40 per cent per annum and a reputation as one of the most loyal partners in the business, Centari Systems owes its good luck mostly to one man - its managing director Jon Johnston

Man, Woman or Martian

Since the days of Ada Byron, women's achievements in IT have often gone unnoticed. These days, when a woman scores the top job in a major IT company, the only big deal should be in recognising the individual's achievements. But as Tamara Plakalo reports, that is not always the case, particularly in the channel.

Asian services specialist hunts for Oz partners

Singaporean IT services specialist SR Singapore is looking to appoint one or two valued added resellers (VARs) to assist with the introduction of its wide range of products to the Australian market.

Tax Review to Lure Investment

The Australian IT and telecom (IT&T) industry could experience an investment renaissance under a new capital gains tax (CGT) regime expected to be introduced following the government's review of the business tax system, known as the Ralph Report.
In the lead-up to the report's release, industry analysts welcomed the recommendations, which are expected to urge the government to slash the CGT rate from the current 36 percent for corporations and 47 percent for individuals to as low as 15 percent.