Stories by Darrell Dunn

Transforming the data center from hell

Some CIOs and data center managers have found themselves having to wring performance out of monstrously deficient facilities. Ultimately, these three wrestled with their infrastructures, made major changes and won the day.

Living happily with your existing data center

Innovative use of available data-center resources, and how to make incremental changes to extend the life of existing facilities, were the main agenda items at this week's Data Center World trade show.

Apple continues to mostly ignore the enterprise

For consumers, the Macintosh's hip quotient is being hammered home with one of the largest and most memorable advertising campaigns in Apple history. But the enterprise isn't getting any of that attention.

Liquid cooling returns to the data centre

Liquid cooling is making its way back to the data centre, mostly in the form of rack-level gear. Rapidly escalating power demands and rising utility rates are requiring users to take a more proactive approach to cooling.

Server road map: Beyond quad-core

In 1973, Pete Townshend and The Who wrote and sang about Quadrophenia. And although it took another 34 years for quad-core servers to be counted as a commercial success, by all accounts, multicore server evolution is just beginning.