Stories by Christopher Hoenig

Lose the 'E'

The letter "e" is popular today. Placed before otherwise mundane terms, it can catch attention, create superficial buzz and signal a next-generation idea. So, it seems, goes the thinking behind the notion of the "e-leader." There is a barrage of "e-leadership" approaches being promoted, all of them with the message that leadership in this Internet age has only a faint resemblance to the leadership of yesteryear. Our era does present new challenges for leaders, but in this case, I don't think we need the "e."

Skunk Works Secrets

Innovation is the heart and soul of the new economy. The question isn't how can you do it once, or even a few times, but how can you do it continuously? In the IT field there is nothing more valuable than a continuous source of technical invention. And there is no more potent a symbol of continuous, groundbreaking innovation than the idea of a skunk works. If you can figure out how to create your own, you have a recipe for competitive and technological advantage.

Total Leadership

Dwight Eisenhower may have been the ultimate master planner of the last century. He orchestrated the largest movement of troops and material in history--the D-day invasion--across the English Channel against heavily fortified defenses and succeeded. So what did he have to say about good planning? "Before a battle, planning is everything. But during a battle, planning is useless."

Total Leadership Playing Defense

It will happen. Sometime, somewhere in your career, you will find yourself a leader in political hell. In all likelihood, you won't see it coming. It will be more than a simple, transparent office vendetta or confrontation. And although there are an infinite number of variations, it will probably look and feel something like this: