Stories by Matt Rodgers

McCain delay sparks Twitter fray

Users of the micro-blogging site mock the presidential candidate’s decision to “suspend” campaign to deal with the US economic crisis.

Postgrad Study: Precursor to Success

IT moves so rapidly that today's professionals constantly need to keep themselves up to date. There are a range of postgraduate options available to IT workers looking to boost their salary or switch careers, ranging from self-directed study to short, certification-based courses to more formal academic courses.

Lights Out

Welcome back. No holiday break is complete without a little housecleaning, so let me get mine out of the way at the start.

Port Macquarie Airport sets its sights on video surveillance

Think you've got problems with physical security? Spare a thought for Lane Dechaineux, airport manager at Port Macquarie Airport, whose security responsibilities include all the usual requirements of an airport, plus a few new ones unique to the facility's rural location, like keeping kangaroos, livestock and other animals off the runway.

Out of sight, front of mind

With sales of notebook computers expected to grow at about three times the pace of desktop PC sales over the next few years, the pressure is on the IT department to manage, protect and secure company assets. Matt Rodgers investigates the tools and techniques for managing mobile workers.

Inside the perimeter

Employee PCs have replaced servers as the preferred target of cybercriminals.

CRM: No Longer Full of CRP?

Australian organizations are finally realizing the value of their unique information assets and learning to derive significant competitive advantage through their use of CRM.

Brief: Inprise is Borland

Inprise Corporation will now be know as Borland (again). All products, including its enterprise applications server products and services will be rebranded.

The Manager with No Name

I don't know about you, but I see so many IT industry research reports that I've taken to arranging the food on my plate in neat wedges. My girlfriend is worried, last night I ate 22 per cent fewer potatoes than usual.

ASI Links with Doctrieve

Australia's second largest IT hardware manufacturer ASI Solutions has formed an alliance with doctrieve corporation, a provider of knowledge management and data security software.