Stories by Industry Standard Staff

Napster, Napster Everywhere (Still)

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - The number of people using Napster Inc. at home grew from slightly more than 1 million in February to almost 5 million in July - a 345 percent increase in only five months. Napster is now the 43rd most popular home application, according to Media Metrix Inc..

Teen Net Time

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - Teens may still hog the phone, but they spend only 303 minutes online each month, according to Media Metrix Inc. and Jupiter Communications Inc. That's less than half of the 728 minutes per month that adults spend online..

B-to-B Times Four

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - U.S. business-to-business e-commerce will grow from US$1.2 trillion this year to $4.8 trillion in transaction value by 2004. The Boston Consulting Group expects online purchasing to make up 40 percent of total b-to-b purchasing in 2004. But only one in 10 purchases will involve online price negotiations..

Rein in the Regulators

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - Half of all Americans say the private sector is better equipped than the government to determine policies for the Internet, according to Yankelovich Partners. Only 31 percent said the government could do a better job..

Casinos a Gamble

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - CASINOS A GAMBLE: Thirty-one percent of online gamblers are dissatisfied with online gambling sites, and only 15 percent think that Internet casinos are more fun than traditional casinos. Greenfield Online also found that almost two-thirds of people online believe that Net casinos are "fixed.".

Polling Netizens

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - Online voters are almost evenly split between Republicans (35 percent), Democrats (31 percent) and Independents (32 percent), according to an online survey by @Plan Inc. Seven out of 10 people online believe Democrats will do a better job in providing equal access to the Internet for everyone, regardless of economic status..

Football Storms Online

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - As the football season kicked off, traffic to sites jumped 46 percent to 1.6 million unique visitors for the week ending Sept. 3, according to Nielsen NetRatings Inc..

U.S. Dominates E-Commerce

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - In 1999, the U.S. generated 67 percent of global business-to-business and 76 percent of business-to-consumer e-commerce revenues, according to Andersen Consulting Inc. Europe accounted for 14 percent of both b-to-b and b-to-c global revenues, but 60 percent of European executives think the continent can become the hub of the global network economy..

Allowance for E-Retailers

SAN FRANCISCO (09/19/2000) - Online spending by "Generation I," Americans ages 24 and younger, will be US$14 billion in 2004 - up from $619 million in 1999, according to

International News Briefs: Altavista Blames BT

CANADIAN COMBO: Telus announced it will pay $4.5 billion for wireless carrier Clearnet Communications Inc. to create Canada's largest mobile-phone company. The joint company would have projected annual revenues of about $1 billion. Only 24 percent of Canadians own mobile phones, compared with 40 percent of the population in parts of Asia and Europe.

Ask Nettie: Focus Online

Q. We've conducted a few face-to-face focus groups in the past, but we're thinking of trying to do some focus groups and marketing research online. We've tried to do some things ourselves, such as surveys in pop-up windows, with mixed results. What kind of information can you glean from online groups? Should we turn to regular research firms or are there specialists?

QXL, Ricardo Form European Web Auction Giant PLC on Tuesday said it was merging with German rival AG, uniting two of Europe's biggest auction Web sites against the growing threat from eBay Inc. The combined company, to be called QXL ricardo PLC, will have 1.3 million registered users and a multilingual range of Web sites spanning the continent.

As the Stomach Turns: Nasdaq's Near-Meltdown

For a day when the Nasdaq Composite Index closed down only 74 points, there sure were a lot of queasy stomachs. But what a brutal day it was, nonetheless. The Nasdaq dropped as low as 3649 during trading Tuesday, a drop of almost 14 percent from its Monday closing level of 4223. That put the Nasdaq at its lowest level since December 15.