Stories by Pimm Fox

Microsoft plays the ethics card

I'm not a big fan of people who use pirated software, and I have managed in the course of my online life never to have shared or downloaded a song or movie.

Workers of The IT World, Unite!

IT workers banding together to form unions? How 20th century. A recent report from the University of Illinois at Chicago reveals that 403,300 jobs were lost in the IT sector from March 2001 to April 2004 (download the report at <a href="">QuickLink a5130</a>). And the majority of the positions were lost after the IT recession came to an official end in November 2001.

Big isn't better

"Customers come first," says SAP CEO Henning Kagermann. "Shareholders are second."

Opinion: ERP's a snap with an ASP

Small companies are finding that the technology available through ASPs can help them apply ERP techniques to their operations. By tapping application service providers for processes such as online invoicing and the tracking of sales, production and inventory, businesses are strengthening their links to customers, vendors and business partners.

Open-Source Revs IT Engines

A boat with a big Mercury outboard motor from Brunswick is so retro. What's hot is the company's open-source business integration engine.

Novell + SuSE = problems

Conventional wisdom about IT vendor takeovers is completely missing in Novell Inc.'s US$210 million cash deal to purchase SUSE Linux AG. That makes me uneasy.

Extend and win

The real nitty-gritty of enterprise application integration is the notoriously difficult task of opening up legacy systems to distributed end users.

Opinion: How supply meets demand

The real power of e-commerce begins with an accessible and usable catalog of products. Businesses with fragmented, inconsistent online product listings are like doughnuts: They have a substantial exterior with a big hole in the middle.

Microsoft, lead the spam war!

Mix independent, trusted authorities with best practices, authorise them to mediate disputes, add in a negligible dose of government interference, and what do you have?

Site monitors get real

We know the value of system management software that monitors the performance and availability of Web sites.

Goldfinger’s heirs

I can see the movie trailer now: Pierce Brosnan as Agent 007 uncovers a secret slush fund that’s being used to bribe world leaders and business execs so they’ll eschew Linux in favour of Windows — software they don’t want. Behind the scenes, Bill Gates (played by Mike Myers) secretly hands out piles of cash to greedy governments and corporate bigwigs, while his hairless cat Orlando plots to destroy Linux user groups by listening in on their meetings and trade shows.

BI software gets smart

Business intelligence is an oxymoron at some companies. But others are finally getting the tools that deliver decision-critical data to the right people in the right way.