Stories by Michael Strange

How to earn your boss's trust

Senior management prizes one simple attribute: predictability. Whether they communicate this value clearly or not, predictability can be more important to your bosses than cost. Trust emerges from the intuitive belief that things are under control. Things are not under control if delivery cannot be predicted accurately.

Demand a strong project plan

You've engaged a reputable consulting firm to perform a large systems project. You've prepared an RFP, carefully reviewed the responses, scrutinized the consultancy's oral presentation, and ultimately negotiated and signed a well-written statement of work (SOW).

Avoiding Data Migration Delays

As a technical matter, migrating data from an old computer system to a new one should be straightforward. There are common industry practices that can help, such as running field-mapping and conversion scripts, and using extract, transform and load tools. So why does data migration so often turn good IT projects into bad ones, with embarrassing delays that drag on for weeks or months?